The Range

We have the knowledge, the skills and years of experience making bespoke metal railings. At The Blacksmith Shop you will find quality at affordable prices and a professional approach. We pride ourselves on quality of craftsmanship and customer service, so contact us and see how we can transform your ideas into reality. We provide free quotes and estimates – so if you have seen something you like, contact us today and our friendly staff will do all they can to help.


Stately design incorporating intricate scrolled details – a truly impressive gate.


Graceful yet sturdy, our reliable Northwood gate is perfect for larger entrances.


A classic gate design with a simple and minimalistic style.


A majestic design, our Eton gates command attention and remain a stunning landmark.


One of our most popular gates – the uniform design, together with its strength, creates a winning security combination.


An attractive style with strength and rigidity – making a magnificent entrance.


A bold and stylish design with unique, scrolled details, creating a handsome and striking entrance.


This graceful design is another traditional favourite for an elegant security enhancement.


An amazing stylish design with the option to have unique wood inserts, creating a handsome and striking entrance.

Sliding Gate

The flexible option of a sliding gate is the perfect solution when space constraints are an issue.


Sheeting can add a colourful addition to your gate as well as giving you extra privacy and security.