Recently finished this custom Gate for a client, we matched it to other metal work on the property. Its in a galvanised and t-wash finish which gives it a really old rustic look!
For more pictures please visit our bespoke works page via the link below.
just want to talk you through the process for getting a quote and handrail, following these steps will hopefully give you the best experience.

How do I get a Handrail?

We love to share your vision, so sending us pictures of where you want the handrail is great.
Please provide measurements marked (A) and (B) seen on the picture to the left, these don’t need to be exact because when you decide to go ahead and get your handrail made we will come and confirm details.
You need to decide what coating you want. We offer three main options: a) Galvanised and Powder Coated, b) Powder Coated, c) Bare Metal (details on these options are below).
Send us an email to This needs to include a photo and or sketch if possible, your personal details (Name, phone number and address) and the points mentioned above. If you are an elderly customer or have any difficulty then please give us a call on 01753 581351 to discuss the best way forward.