multi-fuel stoves

Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi Fuel Stoves, or solid fuel stoves, can burn wood, smokeless fuel and coal. If you think you may not have regular access to wood and you like having other options – occasionally burn coal or smokeless fuel – then a multi fuel stove is the perfect choice for you.

Multi Fuel Stoves burn the fuel on a riddling grate, that allows the air to circulate around the fuel and therefore maximize the heat output.

We have many satisfied customers in Windsor, Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield, The Chalfonts, West London and all the surrounding areas and we look forward to helping you with your multi fuel stove requirements.

View our range of Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi Fuel Stoves are by far the most popular choice for householders who would like to install a real fire. We pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of multi fuel stoves in different styles, from traditional through to the most modern.

  • Ecoburn Plus 5

  • Ecoburn Plus 7

  • Ecoburn Plus 11

  • Villager Duo 12

  • Villager Chelsea Solo

  • i 600

  • i 750

  • Villager Bayswater

  • Villager Chelsea Duo

  • Villager Duo 8

  • Acorn View 4

  • i 400 Inset

  • i 500

  • Acorn View 5

  • Ecoburn Plus 5 Inset

  • Villager Duo 14

  • Villager Duo 5

  • Ecoburn Plus 7 Inset

  • Ecoburn Plus 4

  • i 400 S

  • Villager Heron

  • Villager Puffin

  • Ecoburn Plus 9

  • i 400 T

  • Ludlow

  • Little Wenlock Classic


Why use a HETAS approved installer

Using a HETAS installer ensures you that he has been trained and assessed to carry out compliant work. Ensure your installer is registered with HETAS and always ask for proper identification as HETAS registered installers will be able to provide a HETAS ID card.